The Grand Prairie

A History of Duck Hunting's Hallowed Ground

From the first rice crop grown in 1904 to the famed green timber, the book contains over 340 pages detailing the people, places and events that earned the region the title of "The Duck Hunting Capital of the World". See sample pages from the book.


Grand Prairie

Perhaps no other place on the planet is as steeped in duck hunting tradition as the Grand Prairie region of Arkansas. To the people here, duck hunting is a way of life, not just a season.



Learn about some of the most famous people and places associated with Arkansas duck hunting. From duck guides to iconic clubs, the book covers those who made the region famous.


The versatility of the landscape presents hunters with various options to pursue waterfowl. Rice fields, bayous, sloughs and green timber reservoirs are found on the Grand Prairie.


The World's Duck Calling Championship and numerous famed call makers hail from the Grand Prairie region including Rich-n-Tone founder Butch Richenback (left). 

The book covers every related facet to the growth of the Grand Prairie region through duck hunting. Rice farming, duck hunting culture, restaurants that have come and gone, public land hunting and much more. View sample pages from the book.

The Grand Prairie - Collector's Edition
The Grand Prairie - Collector's Edition
The Grand Prairie - Collector's Edition
The Grand Prairie - Collector's Edition
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A deluxe edition of The Grand Prairie, with a gorgeous gold foil imprint on the cloth cover and slip case. Only 200 copies available and each will be signed and numbered by the author. A truly special gift for the duck hunter or Arkansas history buff.


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